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Vegetables market in kharadi pune

Vegetables market in kharadi pune


Hello friends, in this article I will provide you details about the vegetable market in kharadi Pune, in kharadi Pune lots of peoples like you come from outside and they actually don't know all vegetable market in the kharadi area.

there for they buy vegetables from big stores like reliance mart, and other stores but this is not the problem, problem is reliance mart and other stores like this they charge a lot more money for vegetables and there is no guarantee for a fresh vegetable.

In kharadi Pune, there is three big vegetable market and you will get fresh vegetables and fruits from there at a very cheap price but you need to know about its timing because it's not available for 24 hours.

1. Chandan Nagar Wholesale Vegetable Market

This is the biggest vegetable market in the kharadi area you can buy all type of vegetables here at a very cheap price and all type of quality of vegetable available here and personally recommend you this market if you want to buy a fresh vegetables 

This vegetable market starts at 9 pm and end at 8 am, but keep in mind some tips if you want to buy vegetables in bulk then only you go at night time and if you want a vegetable in normal amount then go at morning time,because at night time wholesaler buy vegetables direct from farmers in large amount.

if you thinking of buying vegetables from here at Sunday then don't do this because on Sunday vegetable rate are slightly higher than regular rates and their lots of rush on Sunday.

Address:- Near Shivaji Putala Kharadi, Kharadi Rd, Sai Nagari, Mathura Nagar, Chandan Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014
Google map location:-

2. Wadgaon Sheri Bhaji Mandai

This vegetable market is near kharadi maybe 3 to 4 km distance from Chandan Nagar vegetable market. I will provide you google map location for this market if check which market is near you and buy fresh vegetables from there and stay fit stay happy and live the long life

the timing of this market is the same as Chandan Nagar vegetable market but the price of vegetables is slightly higher compared to Chandan Nagar market

Address:- Kalyani Nagar Rd, Mahaveer Nagar, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune, Maharashtra 411014
Google map location:-

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